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December 5, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* my spam filter automatically sorted away an e-mail called "Dave Cooper's Impressive Piece," but I happened to open my bulk mail folder and found it was a report from Brad Mackay on Dave Cooper's astounding new piece of art. Really, you want to see this.

* major film studio Warner Brothers has apparently begun a six-month campaign to make me not want to see their superhero movie. You too, rummy. Is it called viral marketing because it makes some of us queasy?

image* the blogger Alan Gardner provides a first look at Signe Wilkinson's upcoming strip Family Tree. It occurs to me that this may be the strip that Ted Rall has reportedly been looking for since moving into a consulting position at United Features: a quirky but character-driven rather than gag-driven feature that recalls without copying in any way the beats and rhythms and family interplay of For Better or For Worse.

* the writer John Jackson Miller remembers the magazine Comics & Games Retailer, to end print publication with its February issues, and makes a good point about how publications like that are in some ways a constant scramble from beginning to end.

* I can't decide if this headline is oddly poetic or just silly.

* if you're a comics news buff, you might want to join me going through this massive, thorough-looking Comixtalk take on the year 2007 at some point in the next few days.

* this profile of the recent Dandy annual compares it to the first Dandy comics and comes away horrified by the sanitized and dumbed-down qualities... of the former.

* this essay sweetly suggests that for some readers outside of the US, advertisements in American comic books sometimes operated as windows into our junk-culture universe.

* The DC Comics web initiative Zuda Comics has launched their second round of potential big corporate/little guy synergy superstars. Vote early, vote often.
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