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December 9, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Tokyo ESP Vol. 1. Todd Klein on Green Lantern #45. Sean Gaffney on Lucifer And The Biscuit Hammer Vols. 9-10.

* Chris Arrant talks to Rafael Grampa.

* Bob Temuka writes about the Fantastic Four not being relaunched. I think that comic has been a bit doomed since it became clear back in 2008 that Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch weren't going to make it a line-altering hit at a time in their respective careers where that seemed likely-to-inevitable. I think maybe it's just a tired bunch of characters in terms of audience appeal, because a lot of the recent comics starring those characters have been very good mainstream American comic books, and a lot of the writers in particular have avoided the "they're a family" explanation for the comic book's success which I think is an invention of Stan Lee's Hollywood ambition and a resulting need to emphasize concept over execution. I only ever need to read the original 100 or so issues, but I'm fond of those characters and hope someone will eventually find a way to use them in a fun, honorable way in future comics.

* Devlin Thompson makes me jealous. I own no comics-related crap right now and I would clear an entire shelf for that thing.

* Heidi MacDonald writes about Frank Miller, doing the Dark Knight-related rounds as an Older Cartoonist Who Says Things. My memory is that people didn't get into Elektra Lives Again because Miller's core audience was mostly a lot of young people, folks who went to high school with that first Dark Knight series and spent the summer of sixth grade reading Daredevil, and that book was comparatively really expensive for a comic at the time. I could get all the missing Ed The Happy Clown comics I was missing for the money they were asking for that book. Elektra Lives Again is a fun comic, though, if my memory serves: I read it when I started working at Fantagraphics.

* finally, Michael Dooley writes about the recent Alice In Wonderland art exhibition in Burbank.
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