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December 13, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the comics business news and analysis site receives word from Wizard's Gareb Shamus confirming that Rob Felton and the company have parted ways. They report it as "left the company"; Felton described it in an e-mail he sent out as his position being eliminated. Shamus claims that publisher Jim Silver will be remaining with the company in the same general role. Despite's assertion that Silver's departure had been reported, I don't recall anyone doing that. A couple of sites including this one reported that multiple sources connected to Wizard were saying that Silver may have stepped away from his current position and if so may be taking on another role at the company, a fair target given the general chaos at Wizard in terms of staffing right now. also provides the Wizard empire's founder and CEO's view on his mixed martial arts venture IFL.

* I thought this chart of the Pirates of Coney Island release schedule were interesting, given what looks like an 11 month period of lateness for issue #6, now released.

* if every student who ever drew a swastika was a person of police interest, my 1985 studyhall would have shut down my hometown's local police force all by itself.

* a name familiar to many comics fans, Scholastic's David Saylor has been promoted to the newly created position of Vice President, Associate Publisher & Creative Director, Hardcover Books. He was previously Creative Director for Scholastic's trade division and as the founding editorial director at Graphix.
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