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December 21, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* my valued peer Rob Clough needs some money, quickly. If you could spare $5, even, that would be a swell thing to do for someone who plays a key role in the comics industry as the front-line, first reviewer for so many young cartoonists.

image* Sean Gaffney on Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Vol. 4.

* I'm glad for this article by Jennifer De Guzman on sexual harassment in the comics industry. I'm still building thoughts for an article of my own, so I'm not in a place where I can fairly process someone else's. It's a reminder that comics has a huge bad behavior problem fueled by self-contempt which gets funneled into gender relationships as a primary expression in a way that makes its sexism different than that in the world at large while retaining its foundational injustices. I don't know that I can always judge what goes on at companies because a lot of that for legal reasons has to remain quiet, but my suspicion is that things are always worse than they appear. I also adamantly believe that most meaningful solutions start with personal inventory and subsequent action.

* Sean T. Collins talks to Heather Benjamin.

* Kim O'Connor writes about claims for D+Q's feminist legacy. That's the kind of article I get yelled at if I link to it and I get yelled at if I don't. I will also probably get yelled at for this sentence and the last one. As always, I trust in CR's readers to engage with any and all articles of interest and parse it on their own terms.

* finally, congratulations to Bill Kartalopoulos and Warren Bernard for their alt-weekly show at SOI being named to this list of best shows for 2015.
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