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September 13, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Comics business news and analysis site's interview with Viz Senior Vice President Liza Coppola is a must-read if only for those who do the occasional interview to learn how to come across as supremely confident in interviews. It helps, I guess, to have the kind of market success that makes you supremely confident. The takeaway for me is that they see Blue Dragon as a potential huge title; it's rarer than you think that a new possibility enters into that particular discussion, although maybe it's been bandied about for a while. Coppola's take on OEL and her report on how booksellers have accommodated the Naruto Nation initiative are worth noting as well.

* Domingo Isabelinho wrote in to point out that the Vincent Perriot comic Entre Deux, which this site linked to the other day, was the subject of a plagiarism story. As victim, not perpetrator.

* Grant Woolard's "Ethiopian Food Fight" cartoon continues to pull the majority of regional, google-able coverage about the issue of editorial cartooning and what happens when one crosses a line they maybe didn't see until they'd crossed it, but here's a nice, short piece on Jeff Darcy's experience at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer over a cartoon that many found offensive.

* It may be my imagination, but there seems to be a slight furry of positive articles of the Bob Greene/Paul Harvey various about the wholesome benefits of comics reading.

* You can draw a man standing amongst dead bodies, but whatever you do don't make him a dog.

* I found this extensive profile of Steve Geppi's Entertainment Museum to be super-weird. It's not really tethered by numbers or specific analysis regarding the hinted-at troubles the now one-year-old institution may be facing, and it spends a bunch of inches describing the general, negative way some people may regard Geppi and various policies at his comics distributor, Diamond. This is odd only in that I don't think I've ever detected any spillover from objection to Diamond policies onto the museum and how people regard that entity.

* UK publishers tell UK booksellers they're underestimating the demand for manga, and losing sales as a result. I'm not certain what one expects a publisher to tell a bookseller, but there's plenty of evidence to support the veracity of this claim.
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