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December 11, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* more departures at Wizard are being at least heavily rumored. I've heard from multiple sources that VP/Associate Publisher Rob Felton and the company parted ways yesterday (two sources said "fired," although that's a term that has a specific meaning between employer and employee that may not be replicated in more general passed-along news, so I can't say that's sourced) and that Jim Silver may have left his current role as Publisher last week and if that's so he may continue to work for one of the company's publications. Other rumors seem more individualized and thus a step less trustworthy, but clearly something seems to be going on at Wizard in terms of a massive shift in personnel and operations, including relatively high-profile folks like Felton.

* is it my imagination, or does this story happen every other month?

* the cartoonist Awpikye's cartooning work is among a number of Burmese artists banned from publication or telecast for those artists supporting the not-sitting-government side of a Fall 2007 uprising. The cartoonist's commercial illustration work isn't affected by the ban, and unlike some of the figures involved that seem to be in hiding, Awpikye appears to have remained relatively above ground.

* waiting until the latter half of this month to update the birthday list means I missed 40th birthdays for two swell gentlemen and talented cartoonists: Dave Lasky (December 8) and Jason Lutes (December 7). My apologies to both, and I hope you'll visit their sites today and learn more about them.

* a pair of prominent comics columnists are posting a bunch of memoir-style mini-essays about their experiences with comic books: Valerie D'Orazio at Occasional Superheroine, and Greg Hatcher at Comics Should Be Good
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