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December 14, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the cartoonist Paul Pope writes a thoughtful essay about the "literary" graphic novel.

* Blog Flume points to an awesome site set up to feature nothing but money-shot shelf porn. I would do this, too, but all it would be is photo after photo of fake books holding liquor.

* did you know that Stan Lee was about to receive the Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement Award; I did not. Did you know that the Stan Lee-related Marvel works were going to be the subject of a Coober Skeber style art show? I didn't know that, either. I am dumb.

* the writer Kevin Church notices more New Frontier comics, something I'd missed, and then looks at the possibilities.

* ANN breaks down the YALSA list by publisher.

* this longer than usual interview with Matthew Diffee at Print not only talks about his new rejected cartoons book but paints a fair portrait of the life of someone working in panel cartoons.

* the writer Chris Butcher talks about his recent piece on yaoi manga.

* the best not-comics link of the day comes from Mike Lynch and his noticing a kind of narrated travelogue from Harvey Pekar of one of his former neighborhoods.
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