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June 25, 2009

Random Comics News Story Update

Placeholders/Quick Links, for which you have my further apology:

* Ismet Vehit Guney, a prominent cartoonist and designer of the Republic of Cyprus flag, died on Tuesday at age 77.

* although best known as a prominent and influential animator, obituaries for the late Jaime Diaz suggest a newspaper strip among his many accomplishments and that his studio also performed Disney comics work.

* a recent interview with Jim Borgman over shrinking strip size garnered some attention. It's a subject worth engaging, although I'm not sure how much blame for the current state of newspaper cartooning I'd lay at its feet.

* A smattering of Yen Press titles apparently fail to make Diamond order minimums.

* finally, Gareb Shamus buys the troubled Toronto Comicon, which although suggested in arch terms as a kind of revival mechanism for the beleagured Wizard Entertainment business could also be a next step in Shamus' business career following Wizard, as this makes another show he's purchased rather than facilitating a purchase under his best-known company. All eyes -- well, all eyes that take in the convention business -- should be on WizardWorld Chicago, a big show with numerous potential difficulties. It not only has to come off, but one would imagine as the Wizard longtime convention flagship, come off well.
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