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January 11, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings

* this went up on twitter a few days ago, but Georges Wolinski or at least the Wolinski family had/has an instagram account. A lot of family stuff, including his widow (they were married 44 years) and a shot of the empty work space.

* the person behind the site The Shittiest Editorial Cartoon Of The Moment uses the story as a chance to beat on US editorial cartoonists for seeking safety and trying not to offend anyone.

* the Angouleme Festival is putting memorial cartoons on their site.

* Albert Uderzo releases two cartoons in support. I've had some people tell me that these aren't new cartoons, but they are lovely.

* this is the most strained pivot I've seen yet.

* here's a second cartoon from the Crumb household.

* this Fareed Zakaria op-ed on the underpinnings of the notion of blasphemy as it may have informed a world view that may have been in play with the Charlie Hebdo killings is much-traveled but fairly succinct and with a wider point about certain legal structures which reinforce these notions in a damaging way within certain countries.

* Milo Manara remembers his friend Georges Wolinski, and provides his opinion more generally on what happened.

* there have been several articles rotating content on-line about various cartoons in newspapers that serve Muslim communities and from Muslim cartoonists condeming the attacks.

* speaking of which, here's a radio snippet where a host crushes a guy for the suggestion that muslims need apologize for the actions of the Charlie Hebdo killers.

* I found the Wolinski instagram account through this article from Sweden, well worth the time to read in full if you have a good translator. It talks about the tradition a bit, and tells a few funny stories about Wolinski including what he once asked be done with his ashes.

* finally, here are a couple of Steve Bell cartoons about the killings. (1, 2) And then one from Martin Rowson.
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