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January 9, 2015

Links, Statements And Notes As They Relate To The Charlie Hebdo Killings

A few links of interesting pertaining to the murders of 12 people in and around the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. My computer use is very limited today, so bear with me for a few hours.

* a violent, startling end to the nationwide manhunt for the two brothers suspected of the killings included an accomplice taking over a grocery store and then being killed, a potential new accomplice and two instances of deadly gunfire.

* Robert Crumb comments via cartoon.

* the most affecting article I saw since last night was one that showed a photo looking into the Hebdo offices. There's blood. It's not a nice picture.

* one of the people I'm friends with on Facebook mentioned that Louis CK did his wednesday night show in a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt, for whatever that's worth.

* Zunar calls for January 7 to be made World Cartoonists Day.

* Wednesday's Daily Show opened with host Jon Stewart saying a few words about the Charlie Hebdo situation.

* two articles at the NYT perhaps worth noting: Jennifer Scheussler on the implications for satire; David Brooks on what David Brooks thinks about all this. The Brooks one is kind of hilariously weird. I don't understand why expressing solidarity with someone in a very specific circumstance would be held to factual analysis of whether or not you're actually that person, but to each his own.

* I guess I missed this. I wouldn't have participated.

* Matt Madden comments from France.

* I'm glad to see that poor, brave officer Ahmed Merabet get every bit of attention he can. The phrasing of some of the sloganeering loses me a bit, but it's been that kind of a week. I can't tell if they're setting up a hierarchy of preferred deaths and suggesting that free speech is somehow responsible for aberrant behavior done in response or if I'm just really, really tired.

* Neil Gaiman responds through the CBLDF site.

* finally, for you New Yorkers, Eddie Portnoy will visit the next NY Comics & Picture-Story Symposium to revisit some of his work on Charlie Hebdo and the tradition of satire from which they have worked.

since posting I've deleted two posts that were outdated to a significant degree; my apologies for the bad blogging
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