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November 8, 2006

Random Publishing Notes Of Note

* Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Literary Agency has sold UK rights for Jar of Fools to Faber & Faber, with an option for Berlin. I'm not aware of a ton of Faber & Faber comics, but they used to publish Rowland Emett's collections. Given the obsession that some people have with accessible, done-in-one comics reading experiences, it's surprising that Jar of Fools doesn't receive more attention that way.

* DC adjusts the Transmetropolitan trade formatting. I suffered a small brain seizure trying to parse out the details, but I think it's that they want a more solid book at the top of the series to help sell future volumes, and in doing so they also fixed the back-end a bit to make things more standard.

* Kitchen, Lind & Associates signed three more clients: the Harvey Kurtzman estate, Jim Lawson, and Bryant Paul Johnson. This happened right before SPX, but Denis Kitchen's e-mail set-up and my e-mail set-up seem to really, really hate each other.

* Professionals posting at Warren Ellis' The Engine talk about their 2007 plans.
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