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January 13, 2006

Reaction to Bob Greenberger Firing

Industry veteran Bob Greenberger being let go from his collected editions editor position at DC Comics caused the expected flurry of speculation and shout-outs of support. Mark Evanier and Peter David are among those who wrote positively of Greenberger. David's post might be more interesting because his post and the commentary together seems to put the firing in the potential context of DC becoming tough on older industry people receiving work there. Greenberger and others point to a page order error in Golden Age Hawkman Archives as a key factor in at least the timing of the dismissal if not the dismissal outright. Also, as someone mentions here, the parent company is seeing cutbacks in other divisions, which probably isn't relevant except perhaps to explain the quickness with which DC might be willing to pull the trigger.

In other hiring/firing news, Alex Segura, Jr. was named Publicity Manager at DC Comics. Segura is an ex-Wizard staffer perhaps best known in on-line circles for creating what is now a group comics blog, The Great Curve. He has also written comics review for the mainstream press and worked the publicity end of things for Archie Publications.
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