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November 15, 2004

Fan Reactions to Nanjing Manga Censorship; Historian Suicide

Anyone out there desperate to read more on the story of Shueisha Inc.'s censorship of pages from the manga serial "Kuni ga Moeru" about atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers in the late 1930s might consider wading through the several pages of reader commentary at Anime News Network. It's a lurid mish-mash of strident attitudes and direct link argumentation, but probably a fair snapshot of the issues it raises with American readers.

Several sharp-minded Comics Reporter Readers, including Sean Collins, Greg Zura and Pam Noles, wrote in to note that Iris Chang, the young Chinese-American historian whose esteemed work was at the heart of the last several years' worth of outrage over the Nanjing event, and who supplied some of the photographs at quesion in this manga, was found dead last week from what was believed to be a self-inflicted gun wound.
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