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June 29, 2006

Recent International Awards Round-Up

image* From the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists site comes a link to a short video interview with "Golden Spike Award" winner Michael DeAdder of the Halifax Daily News. The Golden Spike is given by the AAEC to the best cartoon killed by an editor. Click though the image above to go to Daryl Cagle's mighty blog and scroll down a bit for a more complete write-up.

* It looks like Teshkeel Media has let media outlets know that their founder Dr. Naif Al Mutawa received the FIHQ award from The Cartoons and Comics Festival in Recife, Brazil for creating the Islamic superhero team The 99. Past winners are said to include Peter Kuper, Will Eisner and Don Rosa.

* I think I may have mentioned this already but the International Freedom For Expression Exchange has a brand-new press release up about the Algerian cartoonist Ali Dilem and 11 Danish cartoonists from last year's Jyllands-Posten publication of Muhammed cartoons sharing the Cartoonists Rights Network International's 2006 Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning. It was given out on June 9 in Denver.
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