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October 30, 2005

Reminder: Five For Friday Changes

Since it seems like some of you missed the memo, it looks like I need to repost the announcement that the Five For Friday roundtable discussions will only accept submissions from the time one is posted on Friday until the time the results are posted Saturday. Additionally, all results will go up at once instead of throughout the day.

I felt I had to firm up the rules because of the increased volume of the submissions and some really aggressive, even angry posturing from a few site readers as to when and where they thought results should go up and how their submission should be treated -- this included phone calls to my house, which seems to go far beyond the good-natured intentions of the feature, part of which was aimed to reflect the thoughtful meanderings of a Friday afternoon at the office or in class.

If anyone feels the need to comment and couldn't make it to a computer on the Friday before the "poll" closes, you can always comment through a letter to the site. But anything that comes in marked "Five For Friday" after Saturday AM when results are posted will be deleted from my inbox. I apologize, but it seems necessary.

I greatly appreciate your interest and participation.
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