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June 13, 2005

Rene “Hoviv” Hovivian 1929-2005


Rene Hovivian, the French-Armenian cartoonist who went by the pen name "Hoviv," died of complications having to do with cancer on May 28. He passed away in his residence in Clamart (Haute-de-Seine), France. He was born in France in 1929 to Armenian parents, and returned with his family to Russia after World War II when the Soviet Union made a call for all Armenians in exile to return home. Soon various persecutions by the USSR -- he and his family were to be sent to Siberia -- sent Hovivian back to Paris and then on to school in Lyon.

He was published widely in all of the major French newspapers as well as in The New Yorker. His work was frequently collected. His last albam was Le Clan Des Ian.

Above: some long-memory commentary from a book of cartoons about Armenians.
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