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September 24, 2007

Renzo Barbieri, 1930-2007

imageAuthor, journalist and publisher Renzo Barbieri passed away either late Saturday Night or early Sunday morning, according to a post at Gianfranco Goria's afNews site. Barbieri is probably best known in comics circles as the publisher of Edifumetto and its predecessor Editrice 66, founded in 1966. If I understand what I'm reading correctly, both companies were influential dirty comics publishers, with the former producing line a run of pocket-sized salacious works, including some touching on other genres, that were both popular and a medium lightning rod in the 1970s. Barbieri also apparently wrote a popular book in 1967 about European playboys, and authored comics for Publishing Dart and Alpe Editions. Goria's site note that the 1940 date in the official histories was a decade off.
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