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Collective Memory: HeroesCon 2009
posted June 29, 2009


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning HeroesCon 2009, held June 19-21 at the convention center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Physical Location
Host City

Comic Book Noise

Dollar Bin: New Power Generation of Writers
Dollar Bin: DC Universe
Dollar Bin: Pint O' CB
Dollar Bin: Mark Waid

Blog Entries
Alec Longstreth
Andre Pope

Being Carter Hall
Ben Towle 01
Ben Towle 02

Colleen Doran
Comic Book Noise
Comics Reporter 01
Comics Reporter 02
Craig Fischer

Dollar Bin 01
Drink Coffee and DESTROY!

Eric Canete
Evil Genius Chronicles 01
Evil Genius Chronicles 02

HeroesCon Link Round-Up

Jim Spoolhall
Joe Lambert
Josh Latta

Red Moon 01
Red Moon 02
Robert Ullman
Robot 6
Roger Langridge 01
Roger Langridge 02


That Costume Girl
The Pitt Of Despair

The Coffee Bean
The Top Cow Blog

Message Boards and Chat Rooms

Twitter search for #heroescon

News Stories and Columns
CBR: Carey on X-Men Legacy
CBR: Yost Talks Psylocke Mini
CBR: Longbox Digital Comics
CBR: DC Nation
CBR: Dark Reign The List
CBR: Kieron Gillen on Avengers, Ares
CBR: Owly On KindleCBR: Spidey Gauntlet
CBR: DC Comics Panel
CBR: Jeff Smith & Alec Longstreth
CBR: Pint O CB
CBR: Way and Corben
CBR: Waid And Strange
CBR: Rick Remender On Dr. Voodoo
CBR: Vengeance Of The Moon Knight
CBR: New Power Generation
CBR: Waid and Perez

Newsarama: BOOM! Disney licenses
Newsarama: Dark Reign panel
Newsarama: Ares/War Stories
Newsarama: DC Nation
Newsarama: DC Universe
Newsarama: Pint o' CB panel




Charlotte Blog
Creative Loafing



Joe Lambert

Kivus 01
Kivus 02

Nick Mizgala

Official Flickr group

Pat Sun 01: Art Auction
Pat Sun 02: Art Auction Items
Pat Sun 03: Ringo Scholarship Presentation
Pat Sun 04: Adam Hughes Artwork
Pat Sun 05: Andrew Robinson
Pat Sun 06: Brian Stelfreeze Paints Scarlet
Pat Sun 07: Cully Hamner
Pat Sun 08: Eric Canete
Pat Sun 09: Frank Cho's Medusa
Pat Sun 10: Mark Brooks Artwork
Pat Sun 11: Phil Noto Artwork
Pat Sun 12: Stephanie Roux's Artwork -- Zatanna
Pat Sun 13: Tony Harris Artwork
Pat Sun 14: Artwork Created At Heroes Con
Pat Sun 15: Gaijin Studios
Pat Sun 16: Dead Dog Party
Pat Sun 17: Guests (Part 1)
Pat Sun 18: Guests (Part 2)
Pat Sun 19: Guests (Part 3)
Pat Sun 20: DC Nation Panel
Pat Sun 21: Making Comics For All Ages Panel
Pat Sun 22: Miscellaneous Panels
Pat Sun 23: Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting
Pat Sun 24: Matt Fraction Talks X-Men Panel
Pat Sun 25: Mark Waid & George Perez Panel
Pat Sun 26: Jeff Smith Documentary
Pat Sun 27: Smith - Doran - Longstreth
Pat Sun 28: Guest Signings
Pat Sun 29: Costumed Attendees Photos
Pat Sun 30: Booths
Pat Sun 31: Heroes Initiative Raffle Photos
Pat Sun 32: Miscellaneous

Tugboat Press

chadcicconi 01
chadcicconi 02

Doctor Fantastic 01
Doctor Fantastic 02
Doctor Fantastic 03
Dollar Bin: Chris Schweizer Sketching
Dollar Bin: Andy Runton Sketching

FCHS Video 01

Jtrain 997


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