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June 13, 2018

Restraining Order Granted Again Stan Lee Advisor Keya Morgan

The Associated Press has a nice summary article here of recent moves taken by member of Lee's longtime legal support and advisement team to sever ties between Lee and Keya Morgan, a memorabilia dealer who had been acting as a business manager for the comics publishing and movie cameo icon since early this year. Morgan entered Lee's orbit through a relationship with Lee's daughter JC and his influence has increased as Lee has felt the absence of his longtime, late wife Joan.

The injunction comes with a pledge by police authorities to investigate for elder abuse, and explains a recent report of armed robbers in Lee's home as the result of a Morgan phone call to authorities implying there was some sort of nefarious activity when it was officials making a welfare check on Lee.

The vast, vast, vast majority of observers to whom I've spoken feel like Lee is better off with his long-established partners and away from Morgan. It is hard to see a scenarios in which he continues his convention appearances at the age of 95. He's certainly done more than his share.

The AP article still cites an estate value of $50M. Barring the state of his real estate holding being more than I'm told, I am still confused how Lee got from five million to $50 million give his household expense and the nature of his entertainment deals. There is more than enough money there for people to be concerned with its eventual dispensation, I'm certain.
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