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June 2, 2006

Review Round-Up: Nadel, Katin, Toth

image"While Art Out of Time stands as an invaluable work of pop archaeology -- as well as a manifesto of sorts -- it is first and foremost a tremendous entertainment. Some stories, such as Dick Briefer's loopy 1940s Frankenstein or Garrett Price's serene Japanese-print-like White Boy, are visual jewels, while Nadel -- revealing as sharp an ear for dialogue as his eye for brilliant drawing -- devotes an entire section to works whose literary merits outweigh their graphic innovations." -- Doug Harvey in LA Weekly on Dan Nadel's Art Out Of Time

image"In We Are On Our Own, each picture usually has several events happening at once. One main narrative line is the story of Eve, the cosmopolitan mother who has to use her feminine wiles to pass as a peasant while being subject to the sexual advances of horny soldiers. In the same set of pictures, usually lower in the frame, daughter Lisa is experiencing the war from her own pint-sized perspective: befriending dogs and other animals while taking candy from the uniformed men who are so nice to her mom. Finally, sequences set in the post-war period show Lisa thinking about these wartime experiences. This provides yet another re-framing of the story: Remembering the war as an adult, Lisa sees the seeds of her own hard-bitten philosophy, her steely rejection of the false consolation of faith." -- Jeet Heer in National Post on Miriam Katin's We Are On Our Own

image"What a great panel this is, particularly with the worm's eye angle. The leg, foot, and hem of a dress in the foreground are not only exquisitely rendered but provide all the information we need to know that it is a running woman. The angle of view makes it seem like she is passing by us. The road, the semi-circle of the passageway, and the roof-to-building lines all lead us to the two small figures in the distant (which lead us into the next panel where they are the focus). The narration (dictated by the unalterable script, no doubt) is not even necessary." Derik A Badman at Madinkbeard on Alex Toth's The Complete Classic Adventures of Zorro
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