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May 16, 2016

Right-Wing Media Critique Of NRA Cartoon Could Have Used Waiting Period

In today's world where plot developments on TV shows are perceived as news stories, it shouldn't surprise anyone that a strong editorial cartoon being severely critical about something that other people believe in has the chance of becoming a news story. "I don't agree with what this person said" wouldn't have gotten you past the letters section of my dad's paper, but those were simpler times. "I don't like the way you say it" might not have printed at all in lieu of a personal phone call.

I am amused that the story as linked to here has to come with not one but two qualifications, with the truth as yet unknown. "Man with job disagrees with us; potentially distasteful in doing so" isn't the media assault a new cartoon endorsed by a newspaper in the same city as a convention could have been. "Man uses rerun to make point known" is hardly any better. I can be a terrible newsperson, and make mistakes every day, but the idea that someone working in this particular area of news went off half-cocked and angry for no particular reason to lousy result did garner my attention. Some days it seems that journalism as theater may be the only journalism left.
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