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March 21, 2017

Rob Salkowitz On Politically-Tinged Comic Books As A Difficulty For Comics Shop Retailers

imageIndustry analyst Rob Salkowitz expresses sympathy for retailers asked to rack comics that may anger or irritate readers on one side of the political spectrum or the other. This seems more conjectural than a thing that needs to be discussed, although because people talk about politics all the time now, it's not hard to imagine a similarly grumpy and stunted argument over a comic book in a comic shop or a dozen. That hardly seems like cause for alarm, though. It's not new. The notion that comics and most other popular art represent one side or the other of a bifurcated political spectrum is a pretty ingrained part of the political landscape already, in the most high-profile manner as part of the cultural persecution complex felt by many straight, white Christian Americans.

I suspect things will limp along. Art that tries to negotiate a final outcome to be most broadly pleasing is usually pretty gross. Best to leave the comics-makers alone and allow the readers to react accordingly. I really doubt that anyone out there will split their store or shelve differently. However, if the leader of Marvel's Secret Empire is shown to be a resurgent Nixon from DC's newly active Watchmen universe, all bets are off.
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