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July 18, 2005

San Diego Update (Final)

1. It felt like four days of preview night.

2. Preview night, on the other hand, felt like a Friday morning.

3. Steve Lieber reported great sales in artist's alley, where the "crowds come in waves" but "when the waves come they really come."

4. A train stopped on the tracks in front of the convention center made it that much more difficult to get to the show. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but an extra barrier on Sunday when a lot of people are beginning to question the wisdom of descending into the abyss one last time could be sort of a big deal.

5. A lot of people were chilly in the hall. I saw a lot of thin sweaters on a lot of thin ladies.

6. Whenever I saw someone I knew, I asked them what they liked and what was worth seeing. Most people said, "Gee, I don't know" and maybe thought about it for a moment before suggesting something. Calvin Reid of Publisher's Weekly, on the other hand, immediately shouted out a title I'd never heard of, and then explained why he liked it while holding a copy of it from his bag in front of me as a display model. That's why he's Calvin Reid.

7. I then promptly forgot the title, which is why I'm only The Comics Reporter.

8. I saw the cartoonist and animator Paul Sloboda looking at Shogun Warriors art, which made me think his life is going either really great or really not great. He swears it's the former.

9. In addition to Paul, I also saw another person I always see but only at San Diego: Joel Meadows. I did, however, miss seeing the third person in that category, artist Gus Norman.

10. My theory is that Joe Casey went to a super tight Lords of Discipline buzz-cut as karmic balance so that Zander Cannon could grow his intimidating Christopher Makepeace 'do.

11. I know that's two posts about guys' hair. It was that kind of show.

12. Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon are not related, they swear.

13. Scott McCloud explained that part of the lack of energy at the show may be that the new generation is so interconnected that if a single group of people decides to skip a show, a much bigger number than you might expect may follow.

14. There should be a rule at the con where people with video monitors have to have them a certain amount of distance from the edge of their space to accomodate portly gentlemen in Captain America t-shirts who want to watch it, so they won't stand in the aisle. Either that, or I should have the guy from Ong Bak leading me around to drop crunchng elbows on the heads of any people in my way.

15. Joe Rybandt wants your vote.

16. I still prefer "Nerd Vegas" to "Nerd Prom." What the hell kind of weird proms did you people go to?

17. For the record, the books I heard talked about without my prompting the conversation: Hee, the Krazy Kat hardcover, Mort Grim, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Or Else #3, and Yotsuba&!

18. My thanks to Marc Mason for giving me a pen when I lost mine.

19. It was the Year of No Buzz.

20. No offense to Buzz.

For those interested in following the avalanche of publishing news coming from San Diego via panels and related announcements, I would recommend the special San Diego Con News Feed from Jeffrey Stevenson.

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