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November 17, 2004

Schultz to Write Prince Valiant


In a King Features press release the contents of which I first saw disseminated by Newsarama, veteran comics writer and artist Mark Schultz has officially assumed scripting duties for Cullen Murphy on the Prince Valiant strip. Schultz will join another comic book veteran, artist Gary Gianni. The editor and author Cullen Murphy wrote Prince Valiant for several years with his late father, the legendary strip artist John Cullen Murphy, the man who took up Valiant after the feature's creator Hal Foster. A Murphy/Gianni strip is shown above.

It's good to read that Prince Valiant remains a solid hit at 350 clients, as I'd heard rumors of slight slippage when Gianni came aboard -- not a reflection of Gianni's talent in any way but a sign that newspaper will use whatever excuse they can to make content moves in the increasingly shrinking comic strip market. In fact, 350 papers sounds like a slight gain.

According to this thread on a Comic Book Resources message board, Schultz may have been involved with the strip before the official announcement, which would make some sense if you take into account how syndicates make decisions about new talent.
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