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March 30, 2005

Scott Bateman, King Features Part Ways


Editor and Publisher is running a nice, long news story about Scott Bateman and King Features Syndicate coming to a parting of the ways. Bateman's longish cartoons/short comics essays were included in the "best and wittiest" package that King brought to a number of its client papers.

As he explains, Bateman had become increasingly dissatisfied with the number of cartoons that were being selected for inclusion. Add in an a floating assertion surrounding Bateman's departure that it was due to the political content of his work (King's chief editor Jay Kennedy flatly denies this), and you have a strong back and forth story that shines a spotlight on the narrow margins in which many political cartoons practice their craft.

I believe Jay Kennedy when he discounts any political motivation on King Features' part. Still, it's interesting to note here 1) how the national political nervousness always comes up in such conversations anymore, and 2) how difficult it is for editorial cartoonists to work in different formats, even though a strong argument could be made that the monotonous quality of editorial cartooning may be a big factor in its slow decline. You can see more Bateman work here.

Above: a sample of Bateman's approach.
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