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July 9, 2008

Sean Kleefeld on PMOG as Comics Finder

Is there any comics-interested blogger having a better 2008 than Sean Kleefeld? No, there is not. If most comics blogging reads like it was done in the same room from people talking back and forth amongst themselves, Kleefeld's reads like he walked in from a different room down the hall to which no one else seems to have access. A cool room. In other words, his topics are almost always his own, and as a result I think I've linked to his last twenty blog entries.

Tuesday's entry is a fine case in point, even though its comics propers are perhaps more loosely established than a lot of Kleefeld's entries: the use of The Passively Multiplayer Online Game to give a gaming-style veneer to finding new comics material on-line. I mean, come on: tell me that's not interesting.
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