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August 17, 2006

Sequential Profiles Canada’s Sole Artist in the Iranian Holocaust Exhibition

Sequential takes a look at Marc Pageau, the only Canadian listed among the 240 cartoonists taking part in the Holocaust cartoon contest thrown by Hamshahri Daily and I guess Iran Cartoon.

For those of you reluctant to click over who are curious, listed participants from the United States are Mike Flugennock, Aaron Heineman, Robin Moore, John Bryant, David Baldinger, Peter Lifton, Jack, Matt G., Bernhard Kurt Vennekohl, Foreed M., Hugh Bradley and Leo Garcia.

As for the reaction of the world in general, I think what may be more surprising than the fact that Jewish groups believe that entries in Iran's holocaust cartoon contest are troubling is that this is the first article I've seen on the subject. It's not like the world is lacking in troubling news right now that you have to go look at some cartoons to find it, but I have noticed a smaller degree of rhetoric about the free speech opportunities afforded by the subject than when the contest was announced.
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