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March 4, 2010

SF Chronicle Doing Color Comics?

imageAlan Gardner at Daily Cartoonist seems to think that this will be the case, although he's heard this through a contest framework that would make little to no sense. There have been color daily cartoons for a while. I know that when we did Wildwood ten years ago they were coloring our dailies for at least part of the time, although I have no idea to whom they were selling these to, if anybody. I think it's the default way people are used to seeing new strips on-line, although whether or not we process them as value-added or even in color, I'm not sure. Anyway, if a high-profile daily chose to make such a change right now, it would potentially throw a spotlight on current coloring practices: who's doing the coloring, who's receiving pay for it (not always the same people), and, most of all, whether it makes the comics more popular in that particular community.
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