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July 5, 2006

Site Features Slowly Updating Update

* The Collective Memory for Heroes Con continues to slowly swell as the July 4th weekend kind of robbed the events of the usual convention post-mortem reportage momentum. Included there now are some bigger articles like this site's own report, AdHouse Books' Messageboard thread with photos, Patrick Sun's photo album, and Kelly Sue DeConnick's astounding, name-soaked love letter to the show; DeConnick had more positive, lovely experiences in three days than I've had in the entirety of my convention-going life, which makes me very jealous.

* The CR Guide to San Diego Con keeps adding your tips. The majority of informal letters received about the article mention the e-mail writer having read the post during a hangover. I hope that says more about this site's readership than it does about CCI, or that's going to be one cranky pro registration line.
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