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January 21, 2005

Smith, Sim, Gaiman: Tsunami Relief

imageJeff Smith and Dave Sim are offering up art for an E-Bay auction they hope attracts more artists -- and double-checking the story, it looks like Neil Gaiman has donated a rare piece of Simon Bisley art. Full list here, as coordinated by the great Toronto comics shop The Beguiling. With three days left it looks like total bidding on all items up so far is at approximately $7500.

Jeff Smith phoned yesterday, and we talked a little bit about how he feels about that part of the world and how stunning and unbelievable a tidal wave really is, once you think about it. I know for a fact that Smith original art never ever comes up for sale. Also, if I understand correctly the original impulse came from Sim, who contacted Smith, so that's interesting as well.
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