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December 12, 2007

So What’s Wonder Woman’s Problem?

This article genially and a lot more thoroughly than usual marches through an analysis of how DC has perhaps failed to capitalize on DC Big Three Character/Licensing Icon Wonder Woman as much as they could have. I'm most sympathetic to Greg Rucka's point that they've shifted the character around and re-launched it too frequently for any of the modern versions to gain traction, but I would probably go a step further and just suggest no one's really hit on an appealing modern version that worked with the potential core audience and has therefore informed any and all variations since, as happened with fellow Big Three members Superman and Batman. It might just be bad timing: there was cross-over interest in the character in the 1970s, but that really wasn't the era of appealing character makeovers. Also unlike other characters, leaning on the Golden Age conception of the character for a measure rejuvenation becomes difficult because those Wonder Woman comics are so different than the kind of comics people make now, in ways both good and bad.

Me, I think they should embrace rather than process through soap opera and/or quietly move away from the fact that she broke some dude's neck in a recent all-important crossover event I can't even remember the title of now, and fashion some kind of demented Kurtzman/Elder conception of the character, where she's this peace-talking, harmonious superhero that happens to snap a lot of necks. Granted, I'm no character doctor.
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