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April 13, 2012

Sometimes They Make It Hard To Ignore Creators Issues

imageSo Marvel put its name in front of their Avengers movie and DC is heading into the C2E2 weekend promoting its Before Watchmen initiative. The former is likely what someone sees as smart branding, and only just happens to underline how these corporations treat what came from living people (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and others) as something that spontaneously generated from a business entity. The latter is a sprawling, shameful, and icky display borne of crass inevitabilities which one creator described to me recently as the first time today's professional community has watched someone get screwed in front of them while they were objecting to this treatment as loudly as possible, all to almost no effect.

I'm not sure I have much of a point here, except maybe please look at this. Look at this. There are people at these companies and people that apologize for them that very much believe that maximizing the revenue on product has a moral component that is on equal if not greater footing than policies that favor the baseline, dignified treatment of other human beings. It's sad enough that in the midst of a full flowering for the art form the best response these two massive players have is work that reflects a faded glory that's either a quarter-century or a half-century old; it's worse that the system is completely gamed to the point that there's a forceful reality to this supposition; it's downright demoralizing that we're mostly unable to formulate a human response and have better discussions as a result. I think there's a huge quality of life issue for everyone in the way these issues play out, and I urge everyone to look at it without blinking, today and in the days to come.
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