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June 5, 2009

Sotomayor/Pinata Cartoon Blowback

The complaints about a Chip Bok cartoon as it appeared in the Daily Oklahoman on Tuesday featuring Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotamayor as a pinata has blossomed from one Daily Kos columnist making a case against it to a wider network of pundits and advocacy groups ripping into it or ripping into the rippers, depending on their political thrust. Chip Bok even appeared on CNN to answer questions. Despite giving off an appealing "elementary school principal who cares about your kid" vibe, the general run of political commentary is fairly proceeding without him at this point. Note the headline here. If I'm reading these articles correctly, the Oklahoman has basically hunkered down to wait this one out. Chip Bok's self-portrait on top of his site made me laugh, I'll admit.
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