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April 13, 2006

Speculatron 3000: A Barnaby Movie

imageI'm not very interested in movies related to comic book properties, so these rumors of a movie being made from the old Crockett Johnson strip Barnaby fail to make a significant impression. Don't get me wrong: Barnaby's an eminently filmable property, whether it's Bert Lahr and Ronnie Howard playing the central roles or Paul Giamatti and some super-runty 13-year-old from a Fox sitcom. What's interesting to me is that a film in the works might help explain why there hasn't yet been a big Barnaby book during this current run on signature comic strip properties, and could be a sign we'll see one if such a movie comes out or perhaps even if the property becomes significantly stalled at some stage of development. I would say those who own all the beautiful, existing Barnaby books would be among those to welcome such a book, a measure of comics readers' general interest in the strip.
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