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March 12, 2010

Spring Convention Season Begins Today

Orlando's MegaCon -- a comics and media con of the regional and not quite national variety -- kicks off at 1 PM eastern today with a comics guest list that includes but is certainly not limited to Darwyn Cooke, Don Rosa and George Perez. As it's still snowing some places in North America, I can imagine those heading to Orlando feel like they maybe figured something out.

imageTomorrow's Emerald City Con in Seattle -- a regional show with a slightly greater focus on comics and individual meet and greets of the Heroes Con variety -- opens up tomorrow at the Washington State Convention Center. Its guest list includes Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, Geoff Johns and a terrifying, goblin-like army of Pacific Northwest cartoonists and comics creators made up of the likes of Ed Brubaker, Jeff Parker and Matt Fraction. That's become a very good show, as a matter of fact, with one weekend highlight being whatever art show opening the Fantagraphics store holds for that Saturday -- in this case one featuring the future greatest living cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez. If there's a greater comics-related joy to be had on an early Spring Saturday sipping beers, hanging out in Seattle's cartooning headquarters, finding out you're standing next to Jim Woodring while occasionally taking a focused gander at Beto's originals, I haven't been informed as to what that might be. Be sure if you're heading to that show to enjoy the range of creators and your access to them relative to the impossibility of this at some other shows. If you're coming in from out of town, try to enjoy Seattle as well: it's a great city to visit; many, many places within its borders are well-suited for large tables of giddy, chatting people drinking designer beers; it's a better-than-average breakfast town and the fans are highly knowledgeable.

And hold on: it may for a lot of you seem like a dead run of comics and comics-related shows from this weekend through July, including an April of major events every single weekend.
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