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January 14, 2015

Star Clipper Comics To Close After 27 Years In Business

One of the nation's foundational comic shops and one of the great second-generation Direct Market, Star Clipper in St. Louis has announced its impending closure via a mailing linked to through their Facebook presence. It's local news, as it should be. AJ and Ben Trujillo owned the store for the last 17 years, and describe the closure as a "natural conclusion."

Star Clipper won the Will Eisner Spirit Of Comics Retailer Award in 1999, and was routinely named the region's best store in local alt-weekly Riverfront Times' best-of feature. It's certainly the only store in that area with a national reputation; it was one of the stores on the tour list, one you had it in your mind to go see. I don't know the St. Louis scene all that well, but I have to imagine it was a key institution and their relationship was very different than the rest of ours. I have to imagine it will be missed most keenly there.

I wish the owners all the best in a smooth transition, and I imagine thousands of people are thankful for their years in the retail trenches. They'll start selling off product at a discount to lighten inventory this weekend. They urge their subscribers to contact the store, which indicates a reasonably brisk pace on the shutdown.

There's a thorough article with multiple interviews here.

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