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June 29, 2005

Steve Niles to Work With Image

This story about breakout mainstream comics horror writer Steve Niles is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Niles has been most strongly linked to IDW -- although I'm reminded he's done an enormous amount of work for Dark Horse as well. I don't imagine that setting up a studio to work with Image is any sort of referendum on either relationship. I suppose there's a chance that the fact Image is largely a consortium of self-publishers that pay a fee rather than a publisher working in percentages might play a role. If you already have a way of securing film and licensing deals, and that's your intention, you might get a much greater return working as a self-publisher than you would riding IDW's pipeline or making use of Dark Horse's established means for getting stuff into Hollywood, both of which involve sharing the money to be made. But that's a pretty severe and speculative "might."

Second, I think this is probably worth noting as another signpost on Image's slow re-emergence on the comics scene after a few years when the line projected a semi-deadly combinaton of tired founders' projects and various fantasy black and white non-starters. It's a harder task than you might think to turn around Image because of the way it's set up -- the amount of money that must be paid to carry the Image banner can hamstring slow-starting series, a problem in itself and also a public perception issue in that fans might stay away from new series.

Updated because I'm stupid and spaced on Niles' working relationship with Dark Horse and because I can't write today, darn it.
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