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November 19, 2004

Steve Roper, Mike Nomad and Oblivion


I'm glad someone finally mentioned this where I could link to it: Steve Roper and Mike Nomad have until the day after Christmas 2004 to get their affairs in order and solve any dangling cases.

The long-running feature is probably best known for transforming itself when popular supporting characters began to move to the center of the strip. Not just Roper and Nomad -- the strip had earlier been fronted by Big Chief Wahoo, who took it over from The Great Gusto, making for perhaps the oddest pedigree in newspaper comics history.

Others may know the strip for the work of the criminally underappreciated William Overgard, who in keeping with the spirit of his strip's many changes eventually quit the gig to do a feature about a talking gorilla named Rudy.
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