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December 30, 2004

Steven Grant on Exclusives

imageWriter Steven Grant talks about mainstream comic book exclusivity deals in his ongoing column at Comic Book Resources. He seems particularly interested that many of these exclusives are going to solid, mid-level talents rather than than proven sales successes.

I am not exactly sure what the long-standing tradition has been with exclusivity deals, but I swear that at least DC has been going after this kind of creator in this fashion for a few years now. I recall this catching my attention when DC had signed up artists like the guy at the time drawing the title Nightwing, which I don't think of as a huge-seller. And if you think about it, exclusivity deals at this level makes a lot of sense: most such deals are tied into productivity, which helps guarantee stability on certain titles that can ill afford creative team shuffling. Also, if you're at the point of becoming a "star" creator, that's a time that it might be more attractive to keep your options open at all the publishers.

Art from Michael Lark, who recently signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics.
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