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October 24, 2005

Strip Articles: Watterson, Trudeau, Eliot

imageWith the holidays approaching and any number of books being dropped from various strip cartoonists for the Fall shopping season, there has also been the expected surge in related profiles. Here's an odd variation on the "Bill Watterson Wants to Be Left Alone" article, where a writer talks extensively to the cartoonist's parents. The piece somehow makes Watterson's current activities sound even more mysterious than what's been published in the past, although I always assumed he was just painting. Included is this killer newspaper file photo I've never seen before, of the cartoonist at his drawing table back during the strip's first rush of success. In related news, the New York Times notes that the Complete Calvin and Hobbes made one of its sales lists, a sizeable achievement due to the book's price tag.

Other strip treatments showing up in papers over the weekend include this excerpt from a Garry Trudeau speech about his process, and Jan Eliot writing one of those guest editorials they let famous people and authors write, this one about her involvement with Habitat for Humanity.
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