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July 17, 2019

Tales From Comic-Con ‘19; Notes From This Year’s Show


Below are some observations, news stories and links to same generated by Comic-Con 2019. The pictures are from last year's show.


Up Through Thursday, July 17
* there's a good buzz for this year's San Diego show, at least from where I sit, despite or maybe because the changing shape of the various comics industries.

* Zdarsky and Loo go high-concept -- or the "please make a TV show" route if you're cynical -- with Afterlift. I like Zdarsky writing humor a lot, so i'll look at this for sure. At some point I'm going to sit down and trying to figure out industry veteran Chip Mosher as an editorial director, but this is not that day. That's a much higher profile creative team than most of what's been done so far with those comics.

* Jonathan Hickman and collaborators working on the X-Men comics is a big deal, just in terms of a potential point-and-buy prestige title with a still-potent amount of affection from different corners of its longtime readership. Its mega-story status is the story, at least this week. And then let's see where everything stands a few months in.

* okay, I should do better at this once I stop flying in airplanes. I'm also going to do a couple of comics publishing news stories as stand-alones that deserve then. See you tomorrow.

Up Through Wednesday, July 16

* one of the other giant shows on the world calendar, the one in Angouleme, announced a major exhibit/retropective featuring Yoshiharu Tsuge. That would be super-fun to see.

* it may be a rare announcement for the show, but it's legit comics news; Warren Ellis an Bryan Hitch team up on a Batman maxi-series.



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