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May 16, 2011

Some Drama For A Monday

imageThe Comics Journal went off-line for a few hours this morning, it looks like because they forgot to re-up on the address. It's back now for me and for everyone I know, except maybe for those who have cache issues. It's probably worth noting I got a flood of e-mails on the matter, which means that the new TCJ has settled into a habit for at least a certain cross-section of comics fans. With articles like this lovely piece by RC Harvey on the sad, haunting fact that we lost the archivist Bill Blackbeard six weeks before we realized we lost Bill Blackbeard, which is something that's bothered me since word of his passing made the rounds, I don't blame anyone making the new TCJ daily reading.

The new print TCJ is in that nebulous half-life between being printed and available in certain outlets but not widely available for purchase quite yet. I pissed off a lot of Direct Market retailers by noting that was selling it a few months ago for a tremendous discount. When those discounted sales were canceled, I got angry e-mails from people that ordered it after learning about it on CR. Kind of a win-win situation, as far as one may delight in disappointing and upsetting people. So what's up? I asked Team TCJ what happened and got a response back from Gary Groth that indicated they basically underestimated orders drastically and are waiting three to four weeks until they can fulfill all of them before they fulfill any of them so as not to short one segment over another. Everyone else in the pipeline has adjusted their strategies according to how they usually adjust to such delays.

Groth added a friendly, "This is so tedious an explanation that I can't imagine you could pass this on to your readers with inflicting catatonia on them." If nothing else, I'm sad to learn Gary has apparently never read this site and experienced first-hand the obvious, high priority we place on tedium.
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