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February 29, 2012

That Nice Young Man Kevin Keller Draws Ire Of Conservative Moms

A conservative watchdog group given to high-profile publicity campaigns against elements of gay culture functioning within larger American culture has decided they don't like the public display of the comic book featuring Archie's Kevin Keller getting married, and is encouraging the offending retailer to stop it right now. I always wonder if groups like these are started by PR companies or maybe even groups on the other side of the political spectrum, but I suppose there's always a chance a big company will at some point do something silly in response to someone decrying an expression of culture -- well, one that isn't Arab-American, anyway. I can't imagine a campaign to make something out to be an evil is in any way supported by shouting "Behold the Monster!" and letting people see a pretty innocuous-seeming comic book. Then again, I suspect the goal of such groups in these cases is as much about flattering the people that already believe them so that financial support will continue to be funneled their way as it is about getting whatever done.
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