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December 8, 2004

The Changing Face of BD


I ran across this French-language comics sales list this morning; it's interesting to note how well the standard seres do, and which manga titles have squeezed their way in. The article accompanying the much more complete actual list notes that the Blake and Mortimer offering at #1 here fell off slightly in the overall book list due to Christmas competition from popular prose books, and that the Naruto volumes generally sell 40,000-60,000 units per issue.

1. Blake et Mortimer Book 17: Les sarcophages du 6e continent
2. Titeuf Book 10 Nadia se marie
3. Naruto Book 14
4. Cedric Book 19 On se calme!
5. Lucky Luke Book 1 La belle province
6. Wayne Shelton Book 4 Le survivant
7. Le scorpion Book 5 La vallee sacree
8. Thorgal Book 28 Kriss de Valnor
9. Camera Cafe Book 3 Ca va dechirer ce soir!
10. Peter Pan Book 6 Destins
11. Lefranc Book 16 L'ultimatum
12. Neon-Genesis Evangelion T.9
13. Alpha Book 8 Jeux de puissants
14. Blake et Mortimer Book 16 Les sarcophages du 6e continent
15. Les annonces en BD Book 1 Si tu es blonde

This isn't exactly stop-the-presses news, but I rarely see this analysis supported by numbers.
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