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January 2, 2017

The CR Year-End Business Post, Week Two


* here are a few thoughts concerning on-site business for the beginning of the year, to be repeated until the site slips back into normal service.

* if you're not in contact with this site, or if you are but still mostly count on getting out the word via social media as to what you're up to, I hope you'll consider adding .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) whenever you have something you want to share. I'm reducing my exposure to social media for my mental health and to be more efficient at my job. I hope to hear from you. I promise in return to be more professionally reliable in terms of answering missives and overtures I receive through that account.
* we should have a few more holiday interviews this week after five fun ones last week. We hope this is the last year we short you on quality holiday-period interviews. It's a different world now. There's a lot more news and news-churn during this period than 20 years ago, when Marvel firing people was the only holiday-period news. I appreciate your kindness here.

* further apologies are due in that I'm returning to a lot of interview subjects that one-by-one I failed to get up on the site in 2016, and it looks like I was particularly bad in terms of opting out of completing interviews with white people and dudes. The overall selection thus does not meet general standards as to inclusion and the range of work this site desires to cover over the long-term. That's on me; I apologize. I hope the site itself better seizes on the opportunity of representing the entirety of comics in every way throughout 2017, including a much free-wheeling 2017 holiday series. I appreciate and deserve the criticism.

* comics-makers! .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

* I hope you'll consider writing a physical letter to a comics-industry person or comics-creative that you admire. This year's loss of great swathes of cartooning talent tells us that all time is short. If you need help finding an address, drop me a line.

* finally, my best wishes to you and yours as we start a new year together. I'm hopeful. Not sure why, but let's go with it.
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