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April 17, 2012

The Day After The Pulitzers Is Day After Pulitzers Day


The day after the Pulitzer Prizes are announced is a wonderful day if you're a fan of the news and news people because folks are genuine happy for the winners (and for the finalists) and you get to watch the people involved adjust to a first-sentence-of-obituary moment. This year's announcement in the editorial cartooning category of Matt Wuerker of Politico for the win, with Jack Ohman and Matt Bors as finalists, is fun on a lot of levels. Here's a sampling of the coverage:
* Comic Riffs
* Coshocton Tribune
* Daily Kos
* Dylan Byers On Media
* Media Bistro 01
* Media Bistro 02
* Politico 01
* Politico 02
* Slate
* The Beat
* Weigel
Why was this fun? For one thing, the winner and the finalists all good cartoonists, and widely thought-of that way. Sometimes you get an older cartoonist or two for whom a significant number of editorial cartooning fans must feign enthusiasm or bear respect as a substitute for enthusiasm. I don't think that's the case this year. The fact that Politico's cartoonist won spotlights the changing face of editorial cartooning in a positive way, and put the category into the mix on some broader analysis pieces. Bors and Ohman are a fine mix of new-wave cartoonist and old-school practitioner, which contrasts nicely with Wuerker's man-of-the-cartooning-moment status. So good on the Pulitzers and good on that tradition of cartooning for what was a nice day.
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