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November 14, 2008

The Latest I Have On S. Clay Wilson

It's really yesterday's Steve Duin news for the cartoonist, injured with a severe head injury last weekend: the fever dissipated after spiking, there's a lot of brain damage, Wilson or may not have responded to outside stimuli and speech. The article also starts to put together a stronger narrative as to actually what happens, and note that Wilson owes his life to two Samaritans that found him on Landers Street Saturday night/Sunday morning.

There's a chance this story may be updated -- there's also a chance it already changed, and just needs updating -- and if I see or hear anything I'll put it up here.

One thing you're beginning to see is people in various cultural circles taking notice, people that may appreciate his work but maybe don't dwell within comics except for a few artists of interest.
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