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July 10, 2019

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* I hope that the group that did Portland Indie Con end of June finds it within themselves to do a show next year despite reports that attendance was not overwhelming (and of course some have disputed the reports, or cited first-year realities, both of which elements of show planning I know intimately!) It's tough right now in comics and we're past the point of ascendancy in terms of comics shows and well into saturation. I hold out hope, though, in that Portland is an amazing city that has an alt-art community presence that matches its alt-indie community presence and it would be wonderful to settle into one of its neighborhoods for the weekend. It's tough, though.

* looks like FIBD is starting to post its major expos for 2020. I'm not sure how this stuff gets posted on the site, and Angouleme has some designations I can't tell apart, so you might poke around on the Facebook presence as a precursor.

* I'll be a moderating a panel on Friday at Comic-Con: Jimmy Olsen, with a focus on the Kirby years. Kurt Busiek, Paul Levitz, Seth and Gilbert Hernandez are all championship-class talkers, and Jimmy Olsen has had tow significant great-chraracter runs, including the one on which we're focusing.

* finally: Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg talk about their comics finds at Heroes Con 2019. Heroes is one of the great back-issue cons that we have, or at least that's been my experience of it. Let Jim and Ed have the final word!
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