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January 24, 2005

The Weekend’s Writing on Comics

imageA couple of nice, concise pieces of writing on major comics work in the mainstream press worth noting. Rick Moody's piece on Epileptic in the New York Times starts with a somewhat captivating but not totally convincing argument on the graphic novel's place in the modern literary firmament. The reading of David B.'s masterful graphic novel is much more forceful, and Moody offers up a clever thesis as to how different cultures might read and approach the work.

imageThe Times in London had a write-up on the City of Glass re-issue from Faber & Faber, which begins with a more standard introduction into modern comics -- I admit I had to look it up to discover that the "Igor Tuveri" referenced was Igort. The strength of the Times article is in the appreciative reading of the various narrative effects achieved by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli, both the more overtly formal touches and the worlds of meaning to be found in evocative drawing.

imageAlthough it would be nice to have a third piece worth reading for the insightful writing, you can't have everything. One paper's description-only review of Mark Alan Stamaty's latest book caught my eye even though I'm not sure it's comics because Stamaty rarely comes out in book form and the story sounds worthwhile. Also, I think this is the first review I've seen for the Scholastic/Jeff Smith team-up on color Bone volumes.
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