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March 13, 2006

They’re All Coming Back…

I used to kid that everything from the 1970s and 1980s except D'Arc Tangent was making some sort of comeback, until I found out that that property is still in some sort of semi-active movie and book deal development from one of its primary recognized involved talents (I don't want a nasty letter from a lawyer). Today's beneficiary -- E-Man, the weirdly potent Charlton comic from Nic Cuti and Joe Staton, which also enjoyed a somewhat less potent second life in the 1980s indy-comics movement.

The general phenomenon of re-using and revitalizing old properties does make perfect sense according to common ways of thinking. Some come or are brought back because of the opportunity of a one-shot book for the book market that might not have been available to it in its prime, some come or are brought back for media or licensing exposure, some may come or get broght back because people believe nostalgia is a semi-potent marketing force, and I think a few may come or are brought back because a significant portion of comics is a closed market with a youth fixation, making it difficult for some creators to easily move onto new projects with as much heat as working with an old favorite.

Is Sun Runners back yet?
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